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Born to Thrive

MINDwyer Coaching and programs are about helping you to see what is possible and finding the resources within yourself to create change and flourishment.

My Coaching programs are based on the principles of Neuroscience, and Positive Psychology Coaching, a science – based approach to helping you realise optimal happiness,  and satisfaction.   With a focus on identifying what is right with you (not what is wrong) and ideas and support around how to move forward in your life using your own unique characteristics,  my purpose is to help you align your personal and work living with your REAL self, perform better and live a more satisfying life.

As an internationally accredited coach,I help people navigate and excel in life through transitions and personal performance in life and work – helping to develop Self Mastery.

I encourage people to take charge of their individual interior design!  It’s about getting better at yourself! I guide to discover and grow internal leadership and performance intelligence,  to connect, align, self regulate, discover and grow new or existing talents and strengths!

I facilitate inner dialogue and success pathways by gaining clarity around your authenticity and value systems for powerful thinking and discovery.  I guide and plan together for results with accountability and self assessment.  I help people to take ownership of their own MIND power, so they can control their circumstances and, behaviours, disciplines and outcomes, not the other way around!

Straight Talking
Straight Talking

I am valued for my Direct but friendly and empathetic approach. I won’t tell you what you want to hear to please  you, I won’t let your fears hold you back, I will challenge you about your internal ‘stories’, I might even say what no-one else in your world would dare say…………  but you will get results driven, coaching in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


Be your own Interior Designer –who do you want to be, what do you want, and how will you get it – Let’s get better at YOU!   Learn to personally lead yourself and your performance in life and work,

with discipline and practical strategies for behavioural change, meaningful, personal and professional growth. Let’s find out what drivers are limiting your growth and clear them out!

Design Your Good Life
Design your Good Life

Spend some time reflecting on how happy and satisfied you are across several areas of your life. This is a very useful place to start when looking to improve your life and outcomes.

Design your Good Life

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